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We would like to take a moment to personally welcome you to the practice of Pain Management Consultants and Addiction Specialists. Our doctors have many years of experience in primary care, non-surgical pain management, and addiction medicine, as well as specialized and advanced training in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes.

"Don't Go Through Pain or Addiction Alone, Let Us Help You!"


Chronic Pain Management & Alternative Pain Treatments from Clermont to Orlando, FL

We understand that chronic pain can disrupt your entire life: at work, at home, as well as your social life. We have one goal in mind: restoring your quality of life by relieving your pain while preventing and/or treating addiction.

We believe personalized care with chronic pain management in Pembroke Pines, FL  or alternative pain treatments in Orlando, FL makes all the difference. We will treat you—the whole person—not just your symptoms. Our innovative nonsurgical approach and caring physicians will oversee your care to reduce your pain and put your life back on track.

The doctors will work with you to develop a treatment plan to reduce your pain and result in a quicker recovery, fewer lost workdays and enhanced performance. You will receive expert guidance designed to prevent re-injury and help you stay as active as possible.

We are professionals who truly care and listen, because we understand.

Our Services Include:

Mature Man In Pain
Pain Management
Pain Management

• Non Pharmaceutical Treatments
• Non Surgical Treatments
• Chronic Pain Management
• Regenerative Medicine-
  PRP/Stem Cell Therapy

Medical Services
Medical Services
Medical Services

• Priapus Shot Injection
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Low Testosterone
• Botox Therapy
• IV Hydration
• Medical Weight Loss Management
• Medical Marijuana

Addiction Management
Addiction Management
Addiction Management

• Outpatient Detox
• Suboxone Management
• Drug Court Therapy



Exercise and Healthy Food Supplement
Additional Services
Additional Services

• Auto Accidents/Slip and Fall
• Worker's Compensation
• Drug Court Management

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Pain Management & Addiction
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Detox from your opiate / alcohol / benzodiazepines dependence with help from our addictionologists. We also help with management of cocaine / marijuana / methamphetamine / and designer drugs.

In addition, we offer in-house IV rehydration to assist with your recovery.

Call us today. Don't go through your addiction alone; we are here to help.
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AAAP (American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry)
AMA (American Medical Association)